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Not All Carpet Cleaners Are Created Equal

First of all, you should do some research. Would you buy a car without looking into the different models and retailers available? Most consumers would not buy the first car they saw because they liked the color. A car is an expensive investment, so more research is needed to choose a car according to what fits your lifestyle and budget, as well as its options and warranty. Just like an automobile is an expensive investment, so too is carpeting. You know that not all cars are created equal. Some cars will take you where you want to go with style and performance while others will just take you there. And just like there is a difference in the quality between cars, there is also a difference between carpet cleaning companies.
In other words, buying the cheapest doesn’t mean you are getting the best deal. Consumers should look at the value of their purchases and not just the price. What method of carpet cleaning is used? Does the cleaner use top-of-the-line equipment and cleaning solutions? Are you hiring a knowledgeable company who is certified in all areas of the carpet cleaning industry? Do they offer a money-back guarantee if you are not happy with the level of service you have received? You should ask these questions when calling around to find a carpet cleaning company. If you don’t, you are taking a chance that void your carpet warranty.
So what should you look for in a carpet cleaning company?

1. Make sure that the company uses the hot water extraction method from a truck mounted unit. This is the number one recommended method by major carpet manufacturers. Using any other method, such as dry chem., may void your warranty (check your warranty for more details). Hot water extraction provides the most thorough cleaning available which not only makes your cleaning results better, it also cleans your carpet of dirt, harmful bacteria, fungus, chemicals, pollens and tobacco residue. Some people believe that hot water damages your carpet, but this isn’t true. By washing and then rinsing your carpet with hot water, we clean your carpet thoroughly. How effective would washing dirty, greasy dishes in cold water be versus hot water?

2. The best carpet cleaning companies are those that have been certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification, known as the IICRC. A carpet cleaning company cannot buy this certification. The carpet cleaner must earn the certification through study, experience and the successful completion of formal, written examinations. Cleaners who are certified by the IICRC have, in effect, earned a degree in carpet cleaning. The IICRC provides written credentials to the companies it certifies. So before you choose a carpet cleaner, ask to see written proof of the company’s IICRC certification. To search for a carpet cleaning company certified by the IICRC, you can call their referral line at call 1-800-835-4624 or log onto the IICRC Web site:

3. Ensure that the cleaning company guarantees its work in writing. Any reputable company will, but sadly, not all companies do. When calling around for a carpet cleaning company, ask what the cleaner will do if you are not happy with the job. If he will not try to correct the problem or refund your money, all you can do is hope that the job results are to your satisfaction. Stop hoping for good results by finding a cleaner who guarantees his results.

4. Verify that the company is licensed, bonded and insured. You can ask for proof of these credentials before you hire a cleaning company. Don’t assume that because a company is doing business, it is licensed and insured. Hiring a company without these credentials is taking a huge risk.

Breath Easier with Clean Carpets

A carpet that has been rid of dirt, spots and residue is one important aspect of having your carpets cleaned. But more important than looks is the effects that carpet cleaning has on you and your family’s health. Outdoor air contains hundreds of chemicals such as pollens, fungus, bacteria, air pollution, cigarette smoke, car exhaust and many other. When you and your family members come into your home, you carry those pollens, bacteria and chemicals in your hair and on your skin, clothing and shoes. Not surprisingly, all those chemicals, pollens and bacteria wind up in your carpet. If you have allergies, asthma, emphysema, or other breathing problems, one major source of your problem could be the pollens, fungus, and chemicals in your carpet.
You might find that you’ll breath easier after you hire a company to get those harmful chemicals out of your carpet. So in addition to getting rid of dirt, another important reason to clean your carpet is to get rid of pollens, fungus, bacteria, chemicals and the tars and residue from tobacco smoke.

Consistency Is Key

Now that you are armed with the knowledge of how to choose a carpet cleaner and why your carpets should be cleaned, the next question is how often? Shaw Industries, the world’s largest carpet manufacturer, recommends having your carpets professionally cleaned every 12 months. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends having your carpets cleaned more often if you have children, pets or smokers in the home.
“Carpeting and fabrics not cleaned and properly maintained have the potential to cause a variety of health problems inside the building environment, ” said Michael Berry, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), former Deputy Director of the EPA Environmental Criteria and Assessment Office.

Seven Questions to Ask Any Carpet Cleaner before You Invite Him into your Home 

1. What method of carpet cleaning do you use?
2. What type of equipment do you use to clean carpet?
3. What does your equipment remove from my carpet?
4. How often should I get my carpets cleaned?
5. What training have you had in cleaning carpets?
6. Are you certified by the IICRC and will you show me your certificate?
7. Do you guarantee your work?

Home: Two Types of Carpet Cleaning Methods Pros and Cons

It’s easy to buy carpets at your trusted home depot, but you should know how hard it is to maintain it. Using several carpet cleaning methods to clean a home’s carpets is usually done by professional carpet cleaning companies. It has its own particular advantages and disadvantages for every cleaning method. The question is, how to choose between them? Before deciding which method you would like to be used to clean your carpet, search more about Pressure Washing Company Near Me they definitely have more solutions and also review these two types of carpet cleanings’ advantages and disadvantages.

1. Wet cleaning

The carpet is first pre-conditioned using a chemical reagent that liquefies soils and oil-based substances which may be occurring in the carpet fibers and is also known as hot water extraction or steam cleaning. The water is heated to a temperature near its boiling point and pressurized. After which, this is injected into the carpet. The solution is extracted with a vacuum after about 10 to 15 minutes.


  • Soiling is getting rid out from deep down in the carpet.
  • The use of high temperatures, pressures, and chemical concentrates is permitted.
  • For the reaction of cleaning, solvents are permitted extended dwell times.
  • Facilitated by agitation with grooming tool or extraction wand for the chemical reactivity.
  • Wet cleaning is a widely used method.
  • Highly recommended cleaning method by most carpet manufacturers and industry cleaning experts and professionals


  • Somewhat long drying time. This can be lessened with the use of powerful equipment by competent technicians.
  • Usually required for maximum efficiency for the expensive equipment.
  • Almost high-cost factors.

Home: Two Types of Carpet Cleaning Methods Pros and Cons

2. Cleaning with an absorbent pad

Often known as bonnet cleaning, this carpet cleaning method is and is most often used for routine light maintenance. This can also be utilized for regular carpet cleaning. First on the process is vacuuming the carpet, and then using a hand pump or electric spray a chemical solution is sprayed onto it. For an appropriate dwell or reaction time, the solution is allowed to stay on the carpet.

The absorbent pad or bonnet is positioned on the drive block of a rotary floor machine and spun over the carpet surface at 100 to 300 rpm, which looks like a towel. Serves to impregnate the carpet fibers with the chemical solution for this action and afterward, picking it up with the soils.


  • Outstanding results with lightly soiled carpets.
  • Fast, simple and inexpensive.


  • Inadequate of reaching deeper down as it only cleans the top one-third of carpet fibers.
  • Dirt and chemicals are accumulating at the bottom of the carpet fibers which is left by the process.


Laundry Room Flooring Idea

There’s no need for luxury or pricey flooring for laundry area as all are aware of the purpose of this room in the home. The laundry floor must stand up to moisture and washer and dryer must not only resist staining and wear. Most flooring experts recommend vinyl for the laundry room but it is not limiting choice. There are vast options to choose from for laundry room flooring and here are some:


Impermeability of vinyl is the utmost characteristic that makes it most suitable for the laundry room. The laundry room is likely to be introspective to standing water more than any other room in the house. The standing water can truly indelibly ruin wool carpeting, hardwood, and laminate flooring. The high durability of vinyl makes it essential in a high-traffic area like the laundry room. Likewise, vinyl is cheaper compared to other laundry flooring options and the material is best suited for people who like to install it on their own or DIY project. This will eliminate cost if hiring a contractor, read more information about hiring contractor at

Types of Vinyl Flooring

It comes in 6- and 12-foot widths for the original type of vinyl flooring, like its linoleum predecessors and it can be glued it to the subfloor. Both concrete and wood subfloors will likely work for this type of flooring. To install vinyl tiles, it must be glued down. There are pre-glued vinyl flooring materials so there’s no need to deal with messy adhesive. There are also vinyl planks. The planks are either fit together with glue strips (pre-attached) or laminate boards that snap together. For a less-than-perfect subfloor, planks are a better option because there’s no need to be glued down.

Laundry Room Flooring Idea


Another fitting laundry flooring material is ceramic tiles. The durability and waterproof aesthetic of ceramic are ideal for laundry flooring but installation isn’t easy.

Subfloor Painting

There would be no infinite material to totally cover plywood or concrete subfloor on laundry room for protection against water and moist. For a fraction of the cost of laying a floor covering, painting is one solution. Application of a single color with latex floor enamel or create a pattern with two or more colors can do wonders. Other than a paintbrush and floor finish applicator, no other specials tools to execute is needed. Two coating of clear polyurethane floor finish will bring the floor extra-resistant to liquid and impacts once the paint has cured. While doing the laundry, throw rugs or mats can be used that will provide foot cushioning.

Office Flooring Options

If you’re like me, you love carpeting in the office. People don’t often think about what type of flooring they prefer at work. But it makes a huge difference during one season of the year: winter.

This is common sense to anyone living in the upper-half of the country. What’s the big deal? Snow! Ice! Water! These are mostly absorbed by the carpeting. This comes handy when people might otherwise slip and fall down.

Let’s think about what might happen if the flooring was laminate. First of all, laminate is a slippery surface when wet. Most hard flooring because slippery when wet, except for maybe stone flooring. Right now, there is a very large storm happening on the East Coast. Cities like Seattle, Chicago, and New York are getting pounded by snow. What happens when everybody comes into work? They bring in the snow and slush inside the building. It sticks on the bottom of their shoes. While they walk, it falls off at many different points on their way to their destination.

Office Flooring Options

This represents a major hazard. People can slip and fall. They might get injured. No company wants one of their employees to get injuries in their workspace. This is because the injured employee can sue the company for negligence. And the injured person won’t get a small amount. They will probably get rewarded a whole lot more. I’m not talking a few thousands of dollars. Injured people have been awards hundreds of thousands of dollars in the past!

This might be one of the reasons why companies have installed carpeting in their offices. This can help protect them against any types of office injuries. Also, I prefer carpet for the same reason. I don’t want to slip and fall! If you don’t want to walk on carpeting, another option is epoxy flooring. It is anti slip and can be extremely durable. There are some experts at this type of flooring for industrial offices, warehouses and garages. For examples check out Epoxy Floor Company Clearwater.

Let’s Talk Carpeting

When I was a little boy, I remember going to the carpeting store. It seemed like a warehouse which stretched in length. Aisles and aisles were filled with carpeting. Some aisles have carpets rolled up like a fruit roll-up, nestled horizontally on the floor. Other aisles had the carpeting hung vertically, still rolled up. I haven’t been in a carpeting store since I was a child.

Sure, one can find carpeting at the “big box” stores like Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Menards. But there is a reason there doesn’t seem to be many carpeting stores anymore. Carpets just aren’t in style like they were generations ago.

Now, saying this doesn’t mean that all carpeting is to be banned from all homes. I even have to carpet still in my bedroom. However, trends show that carpeting, at least in rooms such as the living room, isn’t as popular as in times past. There might be a few reasons for this.

Let's Talk Carpeting

I believe the main reason is that carpets are harder to clean than solid floors. Carpet cleaner companies are in business to go to homes and clean rugs. Have you ever heard of a hard floor cleaning company? Perhaps there are those that do some type of once in every 15 years type of facelift. But hard surfaces are very easy to clean. All the homeowner needs to a broom and a type of mop if they want to give it a really good clean, read more about cleaning floors by clicking here. Yes, vacuums are still used on hard floors, just as they are used to clean carpeting.

Next week, we’ll delve into some other reasons carpeting seems to be going out of style. Will carpeting ever make a comeback? I’m sure that it will. But for now, the trends are moving to hard flooring such as wood, laminate, or another surface.

Durable Home Products

Flooring products, such as carpeting, are many times built to be durable. However, let’s take some time to think about the home as a whole. What is the least durable part of the home? I would arguably say that windows are the most easily damaged product in any home. This is especially true when it comes to violent storms.

2017 has proven to be a deadly year when it comes to the wrath of nature. As a matter of fact, this year has been one of the most destructive years on record for the hurricane season. Texas, Louisiana, and Puerto Rico were among the hardest hit areas. Florida, given its geographical location, will always be a target for this violent weather. For protection, look no further than Impact Windows Boca Raton.

Durable Home Products

There are many benefits to installing impact windows. The first and most important is that they are designed not to break. This means that even the most violent storm would not be an issue. In the event of window damage, many companies offer a lifetime guarantee. Therefore, is a place like Florida, the windows almost pay for itself.

Another event which is almost always unexpected is burglary. It’s common for a burglar to attempt to enter the home through a window. Many times this is done by breaking the window. However, with impact windows, any chance of this is greatly minimized. Imagine throwing a rock through a window. Remember a time you saw this happen on television or in a movie. The rock will easily grow through it. This isn’t so with impact windows, however.

Home protection is more important than home products being durable. However, with impact windows, the owner gets both protection and durability at the same time. These windows are a prudent investment for any homeowner, especially those living in Florida.

Just as we discussed in the previous article, regarding the durability of flooring options like, different types of windows are just as important, particularly if you live next to a coast. The devastation can be terrible. If you’re in FL, GA, SC, NC or Texas, get prepared.

Make use of the vacuum cleaner for dust and dust on the carpet

Your carpet gets dust, spots, as well as many other foreign bits shows up dirty. You locate it really horrible to lug on without cleaning the carpet correctly. Typically the carpet in the residence is prone to obtain dirty over duration of time as well as normally it requires to be cleaned at least two times a year to preserve a well sanitary condition of the carpet as well as space.

You should take out a long time to cleanse it yourself. That is the first and also a lot of alternatives in carpet washing. For discolorations, you could make use of the carpet cleaning fluids that are offered in the shops in your vicinity. Do not forget to take the guidance of the store owner to understand the usefulness of specific brand of carpet cleaner. Throughout using carpet cleanup solutions, you should be careful to avoid any type of damage to the carpet due to the fact that the cleaners are typically solid chemicals and might affect the fabric of the carpet and blemish it. It is far better to utilize as little of the cleansers as feasible to conquer this lacuna.

carpets cleaning

You can utilize other materials from the cooking area like the lemon juice or oxalic acid or white bread with oil to find the discolorations disappear. Make use of the vacuum cleaner for dust and dust on the carpet. You could use both the small ones as well as the huge vacuum cleaners, which are available anywhere in your locality. Currently, there is robotic hover in the market, which is a bit costly.

It is smart to call after a specialist carpet cleaning business to exercise their valid techniques to clean your carpeting properly. The carpet stays risk-free as well as obtains back to its original glowing condition when you take the solutions of a professional carpet cleaning company to clean your carpeting.

The most recent carpet washing methods are made use of by the modern carpet cleaning sector which does the task by resolving in three stages as they call it, evaluation or analysis, remodeling and also lastly the accreditation. The carpet cleaning company will start with basic cleaning of carpets as well as take up minute jobs independently analysis as well as clear off the discolorations to excellence as well as to obtain it back to its regular appeal.

floor cleaning

Throughout the usage of carpet cleanup services, you ought to be mindful to prevent any damages to the carpet due to the fact that the cleaners are normally strong chemicals and also can influence the fabric of the carpet and discolor it. It is smart to call upon a specialist carpet cleaning firm to exercise their valid methods to clean your carpets correctly. The carpet continues to be secure and also obtains back to its original glowing condition when you take the solutions of a specialist carpet cleaning firm to cleanse your carpeting.

The carpet cleaning business will begin with basic cleaning of carpets as well as take up minute jobs separately after evaluation and clear off the discolorations to excellence and also obtain it back to its normal appeal.

There are several businesses that deal in polished floors and also the market some accessories like cleaning devices.

Polished concrete floors are really very easy to keep as well as look after. It holds true that needs fairly some straightforward technique of taking care of these concrete floors yet there are certain realities about maintenance that have to be kept in mind.

Experts, as well as individuals who are well clued concerning concrete brightening, recommend that one periodically dusts the surface area to get rid of any kind of grit and also after that using a somewhat moist wipe to develop some kind of enhancement on the floor. There are several businesses that deal in polished floors and also the market some accessories like cleaning devices that will aid one to look after their polished concrete floor quite effectively.

concrete floor

This simple cleaning strategy is bound to maintain polished floors important and eye-catching for several years on end. With time, it may seem evident that the shine or radiance on the concrete sprucing up is decreasing. This is common in circumstances where the floor is often used and cleaned over as well as over. The benefit is that when it involves polished concrete flooring, one could be sure that the initial appearance could be re-instated. Sometimes, all that will certainly be needed is a basic rebuffing of the floor covering with some polishing compound. These brightening compounds are offered in lots of stores and also shops where comparable items are marketed as well as one could use them to re-instate the gleam on the polished concrete flooring. There could, nevertheless, be instances where some type of light re-polishing is advised by the professionals as well as this will certainly call for that they re-polish the floor with some fine grit abrasive.

Keeping the sparkle and prestige on the concrete polishing is something that every person would want to do but the initial point that needs to be acknowledged is that maintaining the floor tidy is the first step. When some dust collects on the polished floor, it is much better to delicately cleanse it off prior to it could gather to quantities that will certainly call for some scrubbing up of types. This will certainly aid to leave the polished concrete floors instead tidy and also at the very same time make certain that the life expectancy of the flooring is longer considering that much less pressure used on the floor just indicates a much longer period for the concrete sprucing up.

The procedure of polishing concrete floors is fairly technical and also calls for some heavy duty machinery developed for that objective as well as a technically able individual to run the equipment. However, when it involves cleaning and maintenance, one does not need to be as special or skilled. All you have to do is be keen on dusting the polished concrete floor regularly.

polished concrete

There are a number of companies that deal in polished floors and also they offer some devices like cleansing devices that will aid one to look after their polished concrete floor quite properly. This will help to leave the polished concrete floors rather tidy and also at the exact same time make sure that the lifespan of the flooring is longer because much less pressure made use of on the floor merely suggests a longer duration for the concrete sprucing up.

All you have to do is be eager on dusting the polished concrete floor frequently.

Polished concrete floors are an impressive technique of flooring that is significantly coming to be a method of life for several houses and business owners.

Polished concrete floors are an impressive technique of flooring that is significantly coming to be a method of life for several houses and business owners. The advantages that one could get from the polished concrete floors are rather various as well as some of them consist of the reality that the polished floors supply an affordable option to the idea of flooring as a well as offering a great alternative in terms of environmentally friendly choices.

With all those benefits in mind, it would come as not a surprise that many people wish to have polished floors for their workplaces, houses, and also organizations. Prior to one can even think of getting such a floor, they must birth in mind the fact that there are certain qualities that one should look out for if they desire to properly identify a polished concrete floor, read more about polishing concrete floor by visiting

concrete flooring

Concrete sprucing up creates a world of distinction between such a floor and any type of another kind of floor. Occasionally, you might look at the polished flooring as well as believe it is most likely a terrazzo surface area. The remarkable difference between polished floors and also any kind of various another kind of floor is that concrete sprucing up offers up to 8 times extra resistant to damage as compared to other floors.

In a position where traffic goes on the polished concrete flooring or where particular wheels run on the floor, you might actually not recognize that the flooring has wheels working on it due to the fact that tire marks and all other marks can be cleaned up instead easily. In addition to that, even dirt could be wiped the surface area easily and also in most locations that have these polished floors will always be clean as well as appealing. This is to that the surface area could be quickly cleaned and as soon as it is properly cleaned, it will certainly constantly be comparable to brand-new.

One more exceptional attribute of places that have polished concrete floors is that there is a high sense of hygiene among individuals there. The simple fact that the surface could be easily cleansed means that the users are constantly eager to maintain it tidy and as a result, the health is constantly preserved and also kept within excellent limits. This discusses why the concrete polishing is a typical point particularly in health centers, homes as well as usually in a position where health is supposed to be kept 1 Day a day.

The benefits that one could obtain from the polished concrete floors are rather various as well as some of them include the fact that the polished floors supply a genuine low-priced service to the suggestion of floor covering as a well as supplying an excellent choice in terms of environmentally friendly options. The remarkable distinction between polished floors as well as any other kind of floor is that concrete polishing gives up to 8 times much more resistant to harm as contrasted to various other floors. In locations where traffic moves on the polished concrete floor covering or where specific wheels run on the floor, you might really not understand that the flooring has wheels running on it due to the fact that tire marks and also all various other marks could be cleaned up rather conveniently.

Concrete floor covering is boosting in popularity and also not only with industrial and business buildings.

Cleaning couldn’t be any type of much easier when you have actually picked to include concrete brightening floors to your residential property. Routine soap and water are all that is required along with a trusty mop and also the floors are clean, once dry they look as excellent as brand-new. Which is why these floors stay a leading choice for cooking areas, where there are constantly spills? A straightforward clean, as well as the floor, can look at new without any type of significant cleansing called for.

Concrete floor covering is boosting in popularity and also not only with industrial and business buildings; is polished concrete flooring a leading option in several houses throughout the country.

Concrete has actually been a firm preferred in homes as a result of its resilience. Numerous residential properties already have a concrete floor which is after that covered in wood or carpets, concealing the gorgeous concrete from being polished to a high gloss sparkles as well as a place on display.

Concrete floor covering is boosting in popularity and also not only with industrial and business buildings.

With even more homes being integrated into a contemporary design, concrete polishing floors is expanding in leaps and also bounds. The major factor is that these floors are energy effective flooring alternatives and also will certainly last for several years.

Wooden floors tend to use after a few years, often because new floor covering is required, this will not happen with concrete. The concrete flooring exists to stay and when you move on to some phase, the brand-new owners will certainly have the ability to delight in the numerous advantages this sort of floor covering provides.

Since they get rid of additional costs which could happen with a new build, one of the reasons concrete polishing floors are increasing in demand is. When developing a residence there are always little extra expenditures you didn’t see coming, these small amounts as soon as accumulated can be a huge chunk of modification. Epoxy Flooring Tampa Florida has some great blogs and examples of this service being performed extremely well.