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We also encourage any suggestions regarding environmental
[...] consideration besides the common standard.
共通基以外の配 慮事項についても、積極的にご提案をお願 いいたします。
Set a value in each of bits C0 and C1 in the command
[...] field according to the common output that corresponds [...]
to the display data, and set a display
data input command in the remaining four bits.
コマンドフィールドのうち C0~C1 ビットは表示データが対応 コモンに 設定 し、残り 4 ビットに 表示データ入力コマンドを設定します。
In addition, the Large-scale Acquisition Rule requires the Large-scale Acquirer to comply with the rule, and determines the response policy for in case of both compliance and non-compliance of the Large-scale Acquisition Rule by the large-scale acquirer, and if necessary, implements an appropriate countermeasure to protect the Company’s corporate value and the common interests of shareholders such as gratis allotment of Stock Acquisition Right with discriminative condition to exercise.
を定め、かかる 大規模買付ルールに従い、大規模買付者に対してルールの遵守を求め、また、大規模買 付者が大規模買付ルールを遵守しない場合および遵守した場合につき一定の対応方針を 定め、必要に応じて対抗措置として差別的行使条件を付した新株予約権の無償割当て等 の当社の企業価値および株主共同の利益を守る ため の適 切な措置を実施する、というも のであります。
On the other hand, as stated in (1) above, the Company believes that, in order to utilize the accumulated management resources at a maximum level,
which is the source of corporate value,
[...] construction of the common interests of [...]
shareholders and enhancement of the Group’s
brand value, it is essential to have stable management from a mid-to-long term perspective and sufficient understanding of accumulated management resources.
[...] 最大限に生かし、当社グループのブランド価値を高めて ため には 、中 長期的観点か らの安定的な経営および蓄積された経営資源に関する十分な理解が不可欠であると考え [...]
Undertakings to Contribute to Achieving the Company’s Basic Policies” and “Measures to Prevent Persons Considered Inappropriate, in Light of the Company’s Basic
[...] [...] Policies, from Controlling the Company’s Decisions on Financial and Business Policies (Takeover Defense Measure)”(undertakings prescribed in Article 127 paragraph 2 of the Company Law Enforcement Regulations) described in Business Report are based on the Company’s basic policies and does not prejudice the corporate value or the common interests of shareholders of the Company, and it also believes that the introduction of the Plan is not for the purpose of maintaining the status held by the management of the Company.
事業報告に記載されている「基本方針の実現に資する特別な取組み」及び「基本方針に照 らして不適切な者によって支配されることを防止するための取組み(買収防衛策)」(会社法施行規則第12 7条 第2号の各取組み)は、当該基本方針に沿ったものであり、当社の株主共同の利益を損なうものではなく、かつ 、 当社の会社役員の地位の維持を目的とするものではないと認めます。
Nonetheless, there are some types of corporate acquisition that benefit neither the corporate
value of the target
[...] company nor the common interests of its shareholders including (i) those with a purpose that would obviously harm the corporate value of the target company and the common interests of [...]
its shareholders, (ii)
those with the potential to substantially coerce shareholders into selling their shares, (iii) those that do not provide sufficient time or information for the target company’s board of directors and shareholders to consider the details of the large-scale acquisition or for the target company’s board of directors to make an alternative proposal, and (iv) those that require the target company to negotiate with the acquirer in order to procure more favorable terms for shareholders than those presented by the acquirer.
しかしながら、株式の大量買付の中には、その目的等から見て企業 価値・株主共同の利益に対する明白な侵害をもたらすもの、株主に株式の売却 を事実上強要するおそあるも 、対 象会社の取締役会や株主が株式の大量 買付の内容等について検討し、あるいは対象会社の取締役会が代替案を提案す るための十分な時間や情報を提供しないもの、対象会社が買収者の提示した条 件よりも有利な条件をもたらすために買収者との交渉を必要とするもの等、大 [...]
量買付の対象となる会社の企業価値・株主共同の利益に資さないものも少なく ありません。
A similar scheme is that (i) a company issues and lists non-voting shares while its management, parent company or the like continue
to hold unlisted
[...] voting shares of common (dividend) stock, or (ii) a company issues and lists both Class A Shares and Class B Shares (or both voting shares of common (dividend) stock [...]
and non-voting shares).
類似のスキームとしては、①無議決権株式を発行し、議決権のある普通(配当)株式は非上 場のまま経営陣・親会社等が保有し続け、無議決権株式のみを上場するという方法や、② 上記のA種株式とB種株式(又は議決権のある ( 配当 )株 式と無議決権株式)の両方を 上場するという方法が考えられる。
A decrease of 64,619 thousand shares in the number of
[...] treasury stock of common stock is due [...]
to the decrease of 64,289 thousand shares resulting
from retirement of treasury stock, the decrease of 314 thousand shares resulting from the exercise of subscription rights to shares and the decrease of 15 thousand shares resulting from sale of fractional shares.
普通株式の 自己株式の株式数の減少64,619千株は、自己株式の消却による減少64,289千株、新株予約権 [...]
We endeavor to share information
[...] [...] appropriately by disclosing and disseminating details of our own environmental initiatives, and we work with others in common efforts aimed at preserving the environment.
また、当社の 取り組み状況を適切に提供、開示していくことで、情報の共有化を図り、共同して環境保全活動に取り組 む。
Company’s board of directors deems that the new medium-term management plan and other measures such as the efforts to enhance the corporate value and the strengthening of corporate governance were established as specific measures to continuously and sustainably enhance the corporate value of the Company and, in turn, the common interests of its shareholders, and that these are truly in accordance with the basic policy, not detrimental to the common interests of the Company’s shareholders and not for the purpose of maintaining the positions of the Company’s corporate officers.
具体的取組みに対する当社取締役会の判断およびその理由 当社取締役会は、当社の中期経営計画をはじめとする企業価値向上のための取組みやコーポレート・ガバ ナンスの強化といった各施策は、当社の企業価値ひいては株主共同の利益を継続的かつ持続的に向上させる ための具体的方策として策定されたものであり、まさに基本方針に沿うものであり、当社の株主共同の利益 を損なうものではなく、当社の会社役員の地位の維持を目的と する もの でもないと判断しております。
Combining and integrating trading units is aimed towards domestic common stock and it would be appropriate to be flexible when handling class shares.
なお、売買単位の集約及び統一は内国の普通株式を対象とし、種類株式については柔軟 に対応することが適当である
A high-pressure
[...] electronically controlled common rail system of the multi-stage [...]
injection type was installed in the fuel
injection system to feed fuel at high pressure to achieve the optimum injection amount and control of multi-stage injection, to achieve more perfect combustion of fuel and to reduce the amount of particulate matter.
燃料噴射系に多段噴射の高電子 コモンレステ ムを採用搭載し燃料を高圧で送り,最適な噴射量・ [...]
多段噴射の制御を行う事で,燃料の燃焼状態をより完全 燃焼に近づけ,PMの低減を行った.
The deployed application is registered, and it is necessary to make the shared directory in VO to deploy the application to each GridVM node (management node) to do the common use by the user who belongs to same VO, and to register the directory name in IS.
デプロイしたアプリケーションを同一 VO に属す るユーザで共有利用するためには、GridVM ノード(管理ノード)毎にアプリケーションをデプロイす るたVO 内共有ディレクトリを作成し、そのディレクトリ名を IS に登録しなければならない。
Kobelco’s current corporate governance system and various initiatives implemented to strengthen it conform to the Basic Policy on Corporate Control because they ensure that the execution of directors’ duties and responsibilities is supervised, they enhance the transparency of management, and they thereby serve
to enhance
[...] Kobelco’s corporate value and ultimately, the common interests of its shareholders pursuant to [...]
the Companies Act.
[...] 組みは、会社法の規律に基づき、取締役の職務執行に対する監督機能を確保し、経営の透明性 を高め、もって企業価値、ひいては株主共同の利益の向上に資する点で会社支配に関する基本 方針に準拠するもであります。
The Companies Act provides that (i) in the event that the Articles of Incorporation are amended to the effect that shares of common stock shall be subject to the call provision as stated in agenda Item 2) above, any shareholder has a right to request that the Target Company purchase his/her shares in accordance with Articles 116 and 117 of the Companies Act and other applicable laws and regulations in order to protect the rights of minority shareholders, and that (ii) in the case where acquisition of all the shares subject to the call provision, as described in 3) above, has been resolved by the Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting as stated in agenda Item 3) above, [...] [...]
any shareholder may file a request for determination of a fair price for the acquisition in accordance with Article 172 of the Companies Act and other applicable laws and regulations.
会社法上、(ⅰ)上記②の普通株式に全部取得条項を付す旨の定款変更を行うに際しては、少数株主の権 利保護を目的として、会社法第 116 条及び第 117 条その他の関係法令の定めに従って、株主はその有する 株式の買取請求を行うことができる権利を有しており、また、(ⅱ)上記③の全部取得条項が付された株式 の全部取得が本臨時株主総会において決議された場合には、会社法第 172 条その他の関係法令の定めに 従って、株主は当該株式の取得の価格の決定の申立てを行うことができます。
Basic net income per share is computed by dividing net income available to common shareholders by the weighted-average number of common shares outstanding for the period, retroactively adjusted for stock splits.
1 株当たり当期純利益は、普通株式に係る当期純利益を、株式 分割を遡及的に調整した普通株式の期中平均株式 で除て計算しております。
Judging from the Company’s management to date and the conduct of companies that have won generally high praise from society, those who direct the determination of the Company’s financial and operational policies must develop a full understanding of, and maintain based on that understanding, the trusting relationships with the various stakeholders supporting the Company, and
secure, and maximize, the Company’s corporate
[...] value and the common interests of [...]
the shareholders over the medium-to-long term.
から判断して、当社の財務及び事業の方針の決定を支配する者の在り方としては、 当社を支える様々なステークホルダーとの信頼関係を十分に理解した上で維持し、
[...] 当社の企業価値向上及び株主共同の利益を中長期的に確保し、最大化さ 者でればならないと考えております。
A decrease of 271 thousand shares in the number of treasury stock of common stock is due to the decrease of 250 thousand shares resulting from the exercise of subscription rights to shares and the decrease of 21 thousand [...] [...]
shares resulting from sale of fractional shares.
普通株式の 自己株式の株式数の減少271千株は、新株予約権の行使に伴う自己株式の処分によ る減少250千株及び単元未満株式の売渡しによる減少21千株であります。
In addition, Goldman Sachs has reviewed the reported price and trading for the common shares of the Target Company; compared certain financial and stock market information for the Target Company with similar information for certain other companies the securities of which are publicly traded; and performed such other studies and analyses, and considered such other factors, as Goldman Sachs deemed appropriate.
上記に加え、ゴールドマン・サックスは、対象者株 式の市場価格及び取引状況を検討し、対象者の財務及び株式市場に係る一定の情報を、一定の他の公開 会社の類似した情報と比較し、またゴールドマン・サックスが適切と思料したその他の調査と分析を実 施し、その他の要因の検討を行いました。
Through the
[...] execution of capital reduction with the retirement of Class-II Preferred Stock with payment to the shareholders, Isuzu wishes to prevent possible dilution of common stock as the result of the conversion of the said Preferred Stock and mitigate future financial burden associated with the dividend payment.
当社は、II種優先株式の強制有償消却の方法による資本減少を行うことで、将来当該優先株式が普通株式に転 換され、普通株主の皆様の持株比率が希薄化されることを防ぎ、また、将来の配当負担を軽減したいと存じます 。
In the provisions under the Companies Act for the purpose of the protection of the rights of minority shareholders related to the procedures of (A) through (C) above, it is set forth that (i) upon the amendment of the
articles of incorporation to grant
[...] class-wide call to the common stock in (B) [...]
above, the shareholders may conduct a request
for purchase of the shares it owns pursuant to the provisions of Articles 116 and 117 of the Companies Act and other relevant laws and regulations, and (ii) in the event the acquisition of all of the shares granted with class-wide call of (C) above has been resolved at the Shareholders’ Meeting, the shareholders may apply for a decision on the price of the acquisition of the relevant shares pursuant to the provisions of Article 172 of the Companies Act and other relevant laws and regulations.
上記@乃至Bの手続に関連する少数株主の権利保護を目的とした会社法上の規定として、(@)上記Aの普通株 式に全部取得条項を付す旨の定款変更を行うに際しては、会 法第 11 6条及び第117条その他の関係法令の定めに従って、株主はその有する株式の買取請求を行うことができる旨 が定められており、また、(A)上記Bの全部取得条項が付された株式の全部取得が本株主総会において決議さ れた場合には、会社法第172条その他の関係法令の定めに従って、株主は当該株式の取得の価格の決定の申立 てを行うことができる旨が定められています。
(3) Where compulsory execution or provisional seizure is enforced against the rehabilitation debtor's property based on a common benefit claim, if the compulsory execution or provisional seizure would cause significant hindrance to rehabilitation and the rehabilitation debtor additionally has adequate property that is easy to realize, the court, after the commencement of rehabilitation proceedings, upon the petition of the rehabilitation debtor, etc. or by its own authority, may order the stay or revocation of the compulsory execution or provisional [...] [...]
seizure, while requiring or not requiring the provision of security.
共益債権に基づき再生債務者の財産に対し強制執行又は仮差押えがされている場合において、その強制執行又は 仮差押えが再生に著しい支障を及ぼし、かつ、再生債務者が他に換価の容易な財産を十分に有するときは、裁判 所は、再生手続開始後において、再生債務者等の申立てにより又は職権で、担保を立てさせて、又は立てさせな いで、その強制執行又は仮差押えの中止又は取消しを命ずることができる。
Under the market share price
[...] method, the share price per share of common stock of the Target was judged to be 506 yen to 635 yen based on 635 yen as the average closing price for the most recent six months, 550 yen as the average closing after the release by the Target of the “Notification on Revisions to Performance Forecasts” on July 27, 2010, 547 yen as the average closing price for the most recent three months, 506 yen as the average closing price for the most recent month, 473 yen as the average closing for the most recent week, and 464 yen as the closing price as of the record date of the common stock of the Target on the First Section [...] [...]
of the Tokyo Stock Exchange where the record date is November 1, 2010.
市場株価では、平成 22 年 11 月1日を基準日として、東証券取 引所 市場第一部における対象者 株式の、直近6ヶ月間の終値平均値 635 円、対象者による平成 22 年7月 27 日付「業績予想の修正に関 するお知らせ」発表後の終値平均値 550 円、直近3ヶ月間の終値平均値 547 円、直近1ヶ月間の終値平 均値 506 円、直近1週間の終値平均値 473 円、及び基準日終値 464 円を基に、対象者株式の1株当たり の価値は、506 円~635 円と分析しているとのことです。
Therefore, Sumitomo determined the Tender
Offer Price of 110,000
[...] yen in cash per common share of the Target Company, using as a reference the results of the financial analyses of the Target Company's common shares conducted by Goldman Sachs, a financial advisor independent from Sumitomo, the Target Company and KDDI, and taking into consideration the market trend of the share price of the Target Companys common shares, the likelihood [...]
of obtaining
the support of the Target Company for the Tender Offer, and the likelihood of a successful completion of the Tender Offer, together with examples of the premiums implied in precedent tender offers for share certificates etc. by entities other than the issuers at the time of the announcement of their tender offer prices, all considered as a whole, as well as taking into account the consultations and negotiations with KDDI and the Target Company.
そのため、住友商事は、本公開買 付価格である対象 者の普通株式1株当たり金 110,000 円について、住友商事、対象者及び KDDI から独立し た財務アドバイザあるゴールド マン・サックスが行った対象者の株式価値の財務分析を参考にしつつ、 対象者の普通株式の市場株価動向、対象者による本公開買付けへの賛同の可否、及び本公開買付けの成否の 見通しを、過去の発行者以外の者による株券の公開買付けの事例において公開買付価格発表時点で想定され たプレミアムの実例等も踏まえ、総合的に勘案し、また、KDDI 及び対象者との協議や交渉を踏まえた上、 決定いたしました。
In said deliberations and forming of resolutions, each member of the special
[...] [...] committee shall consider the deliberated action from the perspective of whether said action will contribute or not contribute to the corporate value and the common interests of the shareholders of the Company, not with the purpose of pursuing the committee member’s own personal benefit or that of the management [...]
team of the Company.
なお、特別委員会の各 委員は、こうした審議・決議にあたっては、当社の企業価値・株主共同の利益に資するか 否かの観点からこれを行ものと し、 自己または当社の経営陣の個人的利益を図ることを 目的としてはならない。
Cymbet has taken solid state, thin film battery technology concepts and materials and developed a family of commercial products intended to provide new, cost-effective
alternative solutions for the electronics designer needing reliable, long lived,
[...] non-volatility for common semiconductors.
同社は、ソリッドステート薄膜電池技術のコンセプトと材料を採用し、一般的な半導体向けの信頼性、長寿命、 不揮発性が求められる電子回路設計のための、コスト効率に優れた新しい代替ソリューションを提供する 製品 ァミ リを 開発しました。
Though toolbars and title bars cannot be parsed, most common controls can be parsed, including text fields, field labels, combo boxes, buttons, and more.
ツールバーとタイトル バーは解析できませんが、テキスト フィールド、フィールド ラベル、コンボ ボック ス、ボタンなど、ほとんどの一般 なコ ント ロールは解析できます。
The rental rate may also be revised through discussions when there are sudden changes in economic circumstances or an increase in taxes or public fees related to land or buildings, when the rental rate is no longer on par with the rents for neighboring buildings, or when
utility costs, inflation, or labor costs
[...] rise sharply and common service fees included [...]
in the rental rate no longer reflect those realities.
また、経済情勢の 急激な変化又は土地建物に関する公租公課等の増加 があった場合、若しくは近隣建物の賃料に比較して
[...] 不相当となった場合、或いは水道光熱費、物価人件 費が高騰し賃料に含まれる共益費が 相当 となった 場合においては協議の上、改定することができるも [...]
In common with CD44, its closest homologue, LYVE-1 is anchored to the membrane by a 20 residue hydrophobic domain containing a cysteine residue and terminates with a 70 residue cytoplasmic tail (Fig. 3).
最も高い相同性を示すCD44と同じく、LYVE-1は1つのシステイン残基を含む20残基からなる疎水性 ドメインにより膜に固定されており、末端70残基が細胞内領域に存在する(図3)。
In addition, the third-party committee stated in its report the opinion that a series of
transactions (the Transactions) for making the
[...] Target Company Common Shares go private, [...]
including the transactions set out in
“(5) Policy for organizational restructuring, etc. after the Tender Offer (matters relating to so-called “two-step acquisitions”),” is not disadvantageous to the interests of minority shareholders of the Target Company.
[...] 付け後の組織再編等の方針(いわゆる二段階買収に関する事項)」を含めた、対象 普通 株式を 非公開化するための一連の取引(本取引)が、対象者の少数株主にとって不利益 [...]