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The financial crisis in Europe has
[...] nearly broken out of the critical stage but the situation still remains to be seen, whereas the U.S. economy [...]
has shown signs of modest recovery.
欧州財政問題が一時の状況 らは 脱し つつあるものの未だ予断を許さ ない 状況の か、 米 国経済は緩やかな回復基調を示しています。
In a situation such as the one that existed in the Cold War, where there was a standoff in the U.S.’ and Soviet Union’s nuclear strategies, the opportunities that a non-nuclear power like [...] [...]
Japan had for contributing to the U.S.’ military strategy were limited.
冷戦期のように米ソの核戦略が対立していたような状況 下では、非核保有国の日本が米国の軍事戦略に貢献できる機会は限られていた。
Article 27 When it seems that if no adjustment is made to the supply and demand of electricity, a shortage of electricity supply will adversely affect the national economy, standard of living or public interest, the Minister of Economy, Trade and
Industry may, to the extent necessary2 for
[...] resolving such a situation and pursuant [...]
to the provision of a Cabinet Order, restrict
the use of electricity supplied by a General Electricity Utility, Specified Electricity Utility or Specified-Scale Electricity Utility by limiting the power usage or peak load or specifying the purpose of use or the date and time when power usage should be stopped, or restrict the receiving of electricity from a General Electricity Utility, Specified Electricity Utility or Specified-Scale Electricity Utility by limiting the capacity of receiving electricity.
第二十七条 経済産業大臣は、電気の需給の調整を行わなければ電気の供給の不足が国民経済及び国民生活に悪 影響を及ぼし、公共の利益を阻害するおそれがあると認められるときは その 事態を 克服 する ため必要な限度において、政令で定めるところにより、使用電力量の限度、使用最大電力の限度、用途若しくは 使用を停止すべき日時を定めて、一般電気事業者、特定電気事業者若しくは特定規模電気事業者の供給する電気 の使用を制限し、又は受電電力の容量の限度を定めて、一般電気事業者、特定電気事業者若しくは特定規模電気 事業者からの受電を制限することができる。
Furthermore, in the bargaining between Japan and the U.S., the U.S. side is
[...] currently in a detrimental situation.
更には日米間の駆け引きにおいて、現在は米国側が な構になっている。
The strong U.S. economy continues to drive the world economy, and, while overall overseas and domestic economic conditions are expected to continue on an expansionary track, the future remains uncertain with respect to the further intensifying competition for digital and related products, skyrocketing raw material prices as exemplified by the high price of crude oil, exchange rate trends for the dollar,
euro, yuan, and other currencies, as well as other factors, and we
[...] recognize that the situation is highly unpredictable.
[...] はデジタル関連製品での競合の一層の激化、原油高に代表される原材料価格の高騰、ドル・ユーロ・人民元等の 為替動 向など先行きに不透明感もあり、決して予断は れな い状況と して おり ます。
In order to
[...] deal with such a situation and to maintain [...]
the sound development of Japan's national economy through the development
of the manufacturing industry, which is a fundamental to the State, that the active promotion of core manufacturing technology is indispensable, while a social tendency to respect abilities related to core manufacturing technology is enhanced.
このような事態に処し て、我が国の国民経済が国の基幹的な産業である製造業の発展を通じて今後とも健全に発展していくためには、 ものづくり基盤技術に関する能力を尊重する社会的気運を醸成しつつ、ものづくり基盤技術の積極的な振興を図 ることが不可欠である。
In such a situation, it is thought that smaller [...]
size and greater cooling performance of a cooling device will be demanded.
よう 状況、より小 型で冷却性能が高い冷却装置が求めら れていくと考えられる。
Amid this situation, China has maintained high economic growth albeit at a slower pace, and infrastructure demand in emerging economies, including Asia and Brazil, remains firm, leading the overall global economy toward a moderate growth track.
こうした中で、中国は減速感が見られるものの依然として高い成長率を維持しているとともに、アジ ア、ブラジルなどの新興国においてもインフラ需要に底堅さがみられるなど、これらの国々が牽引役となって世 界全 体としては緩やかな成長基調にあります。
When the counter receives a consultation, there are two ways
[...] of handling the situation: the problem is [...]
solved between the consulter and the counter;
or the problem is solved among the consulter, the counter and the company.
窓口に相談が寄せられた際、相談者と窓口との間で解場合と談者 と窓口、会社が一体となって解決する [...]
In addition, intense competition is currently taking place among companies in the domestic
petroleum refining and marketing business, and the trend of decline in
[...] domestic demand may further accelerate this situation.
また、国内石油精製販売事業においては、現在、企業間で激しい競争が行われていますが、国内需要 の減少傾が、状況を加速 する 可能性があります。
To prepare for manual scripting of an additional Get function
[...] to manage this situation, it is necessary [...]
that you analyze the in-data and out-data
that is exchanged between the client and server.
状況応するた めに追加の Get 関数をスクリプトに手動で追加するには、クライアントとサー [...]
In the Americas, the economic situation remains unpredictable [...]
despite the gradual recovery in individual consumption and capital investment.
米州においては米国の個人消費や設備投資は回復しつつあるものの、依然として予断を 状況 いてります。
In order to
[...] eliminate this situation, Kenedix Group [...]
(the “Group”) established a medium-term management plan and implemented
measures to create a business structure that is capable of flexibly responding to drastic market changes.
状況消すべく 、当社グループでは中期経営計画を策定し、急激な市場変化に柔軟に対応できるビジネス体制構築の [...]
Also, the following service options will become available by configuring
multiple cloud VPNs to isolate users based
[...] on their usage situation and service requirements: [...]
service which reduces congestion
and service degradation, and service which optimizes cloud VPN selection and prioritizes resource acquisition when using cloud collaboration by defining multiple service grades to enforce the specific policy of each service grade.
ま た、利用状況やサービス要件に応じて複数のクラウド VPN を使い分ることにより、 他の ユーザとの衝突や品質低下を回避するサービスや、サービスにグレードを設けて、グレー [...]
ドによりクラウド VPN の最適な選択やクラウド連携時のリソース確保の優先度を区別する
However, if personal information possessed by our company is leaked externally through some unforeseen circumstance, or if important corporate information is leaked externally through the retirement of an employee, trust
in our company will be damaged, and there is a possibility it would affect
[...] our business results and financial situation.
[...] 情報が外部へ流出、漏えいした場合及び使用人の退職等により重要な企業情報が外部へ流出、漏えいした場合 等には、当社の信用を毀損し、当社の経営成 績、 状態に 及ぼ す可能性があります。
Under this operating environment, lower sales were inevitable in the Machinery & Equipment Business because of stagnant domestic private sector demand and the reaction to large-scale projects for overseas customers in the previous year. Net sales in the Chemical Products Business, on the other hand, showed
positive growth because of the improved
[...] supply and demand situation in both the electronic [...]
materials sector and plastics sector.
[...] 年の反動などから減収を余儀なくされましたが、反面、化学工業製品販売事業の売上高は、 電子材料分野と合成樹脂分野を始めと る需 情勢の 善か ら伸 びを示しました。
Because of their high fuel versatility and high efficiency, diesel engines are used in a wide range of industries as motive power sources. On the other hand, their impact on the environment and organisms has been pointed out, and the situation surrounding diesel engines is approaching a major turning point.
ディーゼルエンジンは,燃料汎用性の高さと効率の良 さから幅広い産業界において動力源として使用されてい るが, 環境や生体に及ぼす影響も指摘されているように, ディーゼルエンジンをとりまく環境は大きな転換期にあ るといえる.
However, there would be a counterargument that a special resolution at a general shareholders meeting on amendments to the articles of incorporation does not sufficiently reflect the true intention of shareholders because (i) it is costly and difficult for minority shareholders to oppose the board of director’s proposals collectively (collective action
problems) and (ii) the board of
[...] directors may create a situation where its proposals [...]
tend to be approved by controlling
the contents and timing of making proposals (strategic choice problems).
他方で、たとえ定款変更等について株主総会の特別決議を 経た場合であっても、①取締役会の提案に対して少数株主がまとまって反対す
[...] 案の内容や時期などをコントロールできるためより提案が承認され 状況作ること ができること(戦略的選択の問題)から、真の意味で株主の意思を [...]
Under such circumstances, interim period consolidated
[...] [...] net sales for the Tomoe Engineering Group as a whole slipped to 19,571 million yen, 1.2% down from the same period last year; the Chemical Products Business demonstrated growth because of improvements in the supply and demand situation in the electronics materials sector and plastics sector, but this was offset by a reactionary decline in the Machinery & Equipment Business relating to large-scale projects for overseas customers.
こうした状況の下、当社グループの当該四半期末迄における累計の連結売上高は、電子材料分野と合成 樹脂分野などの需給情勢改善から化学工業製品販売事業の水準が伸びを示した反面、機械製造販売事業で は海外向け大口案件に係る反動減があったため、全体で見ると前年同期を1.2%下回る19,571百万円と な りました。
It is intriguing to speculate that the loss of Hyal-1 activity, as observed in this patient, with only mild clinical features, may be compensated for
by the persistence of
[...] fetal hyaluronidase, perhaps Hyal-3, a situation that parallels that found in some of the [...]
Hyal-1活性の消失で、この患者に観察されるように臨床的特徴が穏和であることは、ヘモグロビン異常症 のいくつかでみられる類似 の場合のよ うに 、胎児ヒアルロニダーゼである Hy al-3の 持続 によって代償されているのかもしれない。
The situation in the Japanese pharmaceutical industry is becoming increasingly severe, in part due to the increased difficulty in discovering new epoch-making drugs, and in part due to the continuous implementation of various domestic measures aimed at controlling medical costs, such as the drug price revisions in April 2010, in the face of the global movement toward [...] [...]
drastic reform of healthcare systems.
医薬品業界におきましては、画期的新薬の創出が困難になっていることに加え、各国において医療制 度の抜本的見直しの動きが見られるなか、国内においては、昨年4月の薬価改定等医療費抑制を目的と した諸施策が実施されるなど、厳しい事業環境が継続しております。
Lack of understanding could lead to an analyst resorting
to a standard technique which is not in reality appropriate rather than really justifying how
[...] relevant the technique is to the situation?
[...] ない標準的な技法を用いてしまい、そ 法が 状況 の程 度適 合するかの正当性を証明しよう [...]
If an issuer of listed securities is not appropriately carrying out
[...] [...] its timely disclosure requirements with respect to corporate information based on the Timely Disclosure Rules and improvement can be shown to be very necessary, then that issuer can be demanded to produce a report setting out how that situation came to be and measures it will take to improve the situation.
上場有価証券の発行者が、適時開示規則に基づく会社情報の 適時開示等を適正に行わない場合で、改善の必要性が高いと認められるときは、当該発行 者に対して、その経緯及び改善措置を記載した報告書の提出を求めている。
In order to
[...] improve such a situation, I believe it [...]
is desirable to employ personnel who have professional ability in external
investment, appoint the Chief Investment Officer, and let him/her manage the Company based on clear responsibility.
よう状況を善させる には、外部への投資を行うことに 職業的な能力を持つ人材を採用して、最高投資責任者を設置し、きちんと責任を明確化させたうえ [...]
I thought it was rational to build the
scenario used by geological survey
[...] information, design situation and performance [...]
evaluations, the scenario which causes
a model and data when combining geological information and design option as the early stage condition, and the frame able to make the model difference clear and feed this back to a design and a geological survey at the generic environment bottom considered up to now for it.
そのためには、これまで検討されてきたジェネリック 環境 下での地質調査情報や 条件, 性能 評価 で用いられたシナリオやモデル及びデータを初期条件として、具体的地質情報や設計オプションを組合せた場合 に生じるシナリオやモデルの相違を明らかにし、これを設計や地質調査にフィードバックできるようなフレーム を構築することが合理的であると考えた。
Accordingly, if there are any changes in the circumstances surrounding the industry, including future progress in the system of
separation of dispensing and prescribing
[...] functions, or if a situation arises such as [...]
the abolition of the issuance of prescriptions
(a return to in-hospital prescriptions) or the transfer and discontinuation of the business by medical institutions of issuing prescriptions, then the number of prescriptions received may fluctuate.
従って、医薬分業の今後の進展状況など業界全体をめぐる環境に変動が生 場合 、な らび に処 方箋発行医療機関に処方箋発行の廃止(院内処方への回帰)、移転および廃業等の事情が生じた場合、 [...]
In addition, since fiscal
[...] 2012, it has expanded the scope of the collection of environmental performance data to understand the actual environmental situation and improve its environmental conservation activities in the future.
また、2011年度からは環境パフォーマンスデータの収集範囲を拡大し、実態を把握するとともに、今後の環 境保全活動に生かすべく取組んでいきます。
In the light of the above situation, we consider that using existing infrastructures or information management frameworks is a more efficient option to collect transaction data, and that it is important to allow discretion to each jurisdiction in deciding a specific approach.
上記を踏まえると、取引情報の収集に当たっては、既存のインフラや管理の枠組みを活 用することがより効率的であり、具体的な方法については各国ごとに柔軟性をもたせるこ とが重要であると考える。