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You will discover that his life and his
[...] environment have suddenly become much happier [...]
and more peaceful.
あなたは彼の人生と彼のまわり 突然よ 福に そしてより平和になっ たことを発見することでしょう。
Then the electrons suddenly are free to move, and the semiconductor becomes a metal (Fig. 3, bottom right).
すると電子の動きが急に自由になり、そのために半導体が金属に変わることがわかったんですよ(図3下 )。
In an environment where the
[...] temperature changes suddenly, condensation [...]
may occur in the camera, resulting in troubles such
as fogging of the glass surface or malfunctions of the camera.
温度変化の激しいところでは、カメラ内部で水 生じる結 とい う現象 が発生し、ガラス面がくもったり、作動不良などを起こすことがあります。
The first issue is to create a better environment where investors feel secure in investing: that is to address i) the case where shareholder interests are not respected
(e.g., the case where existing
[...] shareholders' rights are suddenly reduced), ii) the case [...]
where a company deprives investors
of trading opportunities of the shares; and iii) the case where information necessary to make investment decisions are not sufficiently provided to shareholders and investors.
第一点目は、投資者が安心して投資できる環境の整備であり、①株主としての利益が尊 重されないよう株主権 然縮 減さ れる場合など)、②株式を自由に売買できる機 [...]
In 1859, Yataro was suddenly ordered to go to Nagasaki in order to gather intelligence about foreign affairs and the activities of the Western [...]
powers in China.
Also, because apart from these risks, it is impossible to deny the possibility of risks
that would ordinarily be difficult
[...] to suppose becoming suddenly apparent along with [...]
expansion or changes to operational
activities, Nifco always makes efforts to implement appropriate measures to avoid such unpredictable risks and to respond in cases where such risks occur.
また、これらのリスクの他に通常想定できないリスクが事業活動の拡大・変 化に 突然顕 る可 能性は否定 できませんので、そのような不測のリスク発生の回避あるいは不測のリスクが発生した場合の適切な対応に努め てま [...]
When using a underground drainage system, if the pump capacities
and start-up timing are incorrect, water
[...] levels will drop suddenly and start-up [...]
and shutdown of the pumps will be repeated.
地下放水路を運用する場合、ポンプ容量や立上げのタイミングが適正でな いと 急激な 位低 下が生じ、ポンプの始動停止が繰り返されます。
In addition to the city-bank restructuring moves covered in this report, consolidation moves in the trust banking sector are also suddenly intensifying: Sumitomo Trust & Banking announced on October 7 it was purchasing the shares of Daiwa International Trust Bank and SB Trust Bank, to make them subsidiaries before absorbing them several months later, plus the merger of Toyo Trust & Banking and Sanwa [...]
Trust & Banking.
統合 3 行、東海あさひ、住友・さくらばかりでなく、住友信託銀行による大和インター ナショナル信託銀行とすみぎん信託銀行の株式取得(1999 年 10 月 7 日発表)と吸収合併(予 定)、東洋信託と三和信託の合併等、都市銀行を中心とするグループ内戦略の一環として 信託再編が急加速している。
In times of sudden voltage drops or
[...] blackouts, which occur suddenly by such factors [...]
as lightning, this equipment can in an
instant switch over voltages and supply electricity to areas with important power loads.
これは落雷などによ突然に 生す る電圧 低下や停電時に、一瞬の間隙を生むことなく電圧 [...]
を切り替え、負荷が重要なところへ電気を供給す るものです。
If a stationary defender suddenly moves from within a chair length into the braking area of a moving opponent who does not have the ball, he must allow that opponent time to avoid contact.
もしボールを持たずに動いている相手から車椅子 1 台分以内の距離で静止していたディフェンダーが 突然動くとき,相手に接触を避けるための時間を与えなければならない.
If the Group is unable to respond appropriately to client needs in such business domains from either a service or a cost perspective, or if the entrance of new companies into these new markets suddenly causes rapid changes in customary advertising business practices, the Dentsu Group’s financial results could be adversely affected.
今後、これ らの事業領域において当社グループがサービス面またはコスト面で顧客の要求に適切に応えることがで きない場合、または新規企業の参入により広告の取引慣行が急激に変化した場合には、当社グループの 業績に悪影響を及ぼす可能性があります。
However, its demand suddenly evaporated in the second half of the current fiscal year. Sales of IC cloth stagnated, because its selling prices declined and export profitability deteriorated due to the yen’s appreciation.
ICクロスは、期前半の国内 需要輸出 の回復基調が期後半は一転して低迷し、販売価格の下落、円高の影響による輸出採算の悪化により苦戦し ました。
When a FireWire device is connected to a power provider, or suddenly consumer extra power (for example a disk drive starting to spin up) ,the inrush current can cause a dip in the voltage on the power rail used to provide FireWire power.
FireWire デバイスが電力供給デバイスに接続されるか、また 急に 過剰 な電力消費を行うと(例えばスピンアップ 時のディスクドライブ) 、突入電流によって FireWire に電力を供給していたパワーレールの電圧が低下する。
Here, we found the interesting physical behavior for the first time which the charge coupled plasma (CCP) changed to the inductively coupled plasma (ICP) suddenly at the threshold power.
ここでは、世界で初めて静電結合型プラズマ(CCP)が突然ある閾値パワーを超えると誘導結合型プラズマ (ICP)に遷移することを発見した。
Before his death, his breath came out and suddenly turned into the wind and the stars; his groan into the rumbling sound of the thunder; his left eye into the sun and his right eye into the moon; his limbs and body into the earth and the high mountains; his blood into the rivers and streams; his muscles and veins into the roads; his hair and beard into the stars in the sky; his skin and hair into the meadows and forests; his flesh into the soil; his teeth and bones [...] [...]
into the shining metals and the solid stones and gems; his sweat into the rain.
死ぬ間際、彼の口から出る息はたちどころに風と雲に、彼のうなり声はゴロゴロと鳴る雷に、彼の左目は太陽に 、右目は月に、手足とその体は大地と高い山に、血は河川に、筋・靭帯は道に、髪の毛と髭は空の星に、皮膚と 産毛は草原や林に、筋肉は大地に、歯や骨はピカピカ光る金属や硬い石・宝石に、体の汗は露や恵みの雨となっ たという。
If, for example, excessively cold tap water is used in the
[...] wintertime, the gluten can suddenly contract and lose [...]
its viscosity during kneading.
たとえば冬、冷え切った水道水でグルテンを練 いきなり きゅ と縮 かんで弾力性がなくなってしまう。
Actual repair expenses for each operating period, however, may differ considerably from forecasts mainly because repair expenses may be incurred suddenly due to building damage and other unforeseeable factors, the amount of repair expenses generally differs considerably from one fiscal period to another, and repair expenses, by nature, are not incurred on a regular basis.
・ 修繕費は、予想し難い要因に基づく建物の毀損等により修繕費が緊急に発生する可能性があるこ と、一般的に年度による金額の差異が大きくなること及び定期的に発生する金額ではないこと等 から、各営業期間の修繕費が予想金額と大きく異なる結果となる可能性があることにご留意下さ い。
In one case, repair and rehabilitation works as well as tenant movements suddenly stepped up after the district was designated as a potential disaster area.
また、要警戒区域に地域指定され たため、その地域では、改修工事や建替え、テナントの移動等が急速に起こったという話も ある。
As we procure raw materials and parts from numerous suppliers,
[...] their prices suddenly increasing more [...]
rapidly than expected and a prolonged tightening
of supplies may negatively affect our business performance.
当社グループは、多数の取引先より原材料や部品を調達しており、これら価格が予想を大きく上 回る急な高騰や 供給逼迫の長期化は、当社グループの業績が悪化する可能性があります。
The former creditors
[...] become shareholders, suddenly acquiring 50% of [...]
the voting shares and control of the company.
一方で、旧債権者は株主となり、 もいきなり 50%の議決 権を得るわけで、対象企業の支配権の移動が起きることになる。
To continue tracking successfully even when the
[...] recognition target suddenly changes its motion [...]
for a sudden start, sudden stop or sudden
lane change or when the target is hidden behind another object, we introduce a method that merges the information on the motion of the target object and that of the appearance of the target object and updates the probability of these conditions with a sequential prediction using Monte Carlo approximation.
急発進・停止 、レーンからの急な逸脱などに対応するため、認識対象の急激な動き変化があったり、対象物が別の物体の背後 に隠れて見えなくなったりするケースでも追跡を失敗なく継続できるように、対象物体の動きの情報と、見え方 の変化の情報を融合しつつ、これら状態の確率分布をモンテカルロ近似により逐次予測更新していく方法を導入 しています。
This unique film combines the techniques of fiction and documentary to trace the steps of Nakajima, who died suddenly in 2004.
The amount of brake lever play is the distance from the position where the brake lever is not operated to the position where a force is felt suddenly when the brake lever is pulled.
ブレーキレバーの遊びとは、レバーを操作してい ない状態から、レバーを少し引いていくと、急に 重くなる所までの引き代のことです。
This epiphany could occur when large random losses occur which are improbable over any short-term horizon (low
frequency), but inevitable in the long term (high
[...] impact), when the external environment changes unexpectedly, or even when the regulatory standards are suddenly revised upwards to a more reasonable level that they had not prepared for.
そうした自覚が生じる事態としては、 短期的にはほとんど起こりえないが(低頻度)、長期的には避けられない(重大な結果)大規模な ランダムな損失が発生した場合や、外部環 突然変 した 場合があり、あるいは、企業が対応 の準備ができていない、より合理的な水準へと規制上の 基準 突然引 げら れた場合さえ含ま れる。
The platinum resistance thermometer sensor was installed between the wafer and heater. It is therefore believed that the heater temperature and wafer
temperature did not balance when the
[...] temperature fluctuated suddenly and that what [...]
the platinum resistance thermometer sensor
was actually measuring was heater temperature.
[...] で,差異が大きくなっているのは,白金測温抵抗体がウ エハとヒータの間にある急激 温度 変更 時は,ヒ ータ温度とウエハ温度が平衡していないため,白金測温 [...]
抵抗体が計測しているのは,ヒータの温度になっている ためと推測される.
The copper price in international markets (price on the London Metal Exchange (LME)) started at the 423 cents per pound at the beginning of the period, continued to steady in the level over 400 cents per pound, however in late September, the price suddenly dropped to 323 cents by the end of the period, due to intensifying unclear to the future in the global economy with Greece’s financial instability.
銅の国際価格(LME〔ロンドン金属取引所〕価格)は、期初のポンド当たり 423 セントからスタ ートし、8月までは概ね 400 セント台の高値圏で推移しましたが、欧州におけるギリシャの財政問題 が大きくクローズアップされ、世界的な経済動向の先行きに不透明感が高まったことにより9月下旬 に急落し、期末は 323 セントとなりました。
A new national emergency aid fund has recently been designed to provide adapted aid to students experiencing difficulties that cannot be resolved by the scholarship system based
on social criteria (for example,
[...] students whose parents suddenly lose their jobs, [...]
and adults resuming their studies or a
student breaking away from his/her family and must take responsibility for his/her self).
[...] 策として、新しい国の緊急支援基金も計画されたところである(例えば 突然失 業し 学生 、就学を再開 した社会人、独立生計を立てねばならない学生など)。
She is now interested in applying for a supervisory position, a role which would also require her to act as the person-in-charge in the event of fire, and to have first hand knowledge of first aid and resuscitation where there is any accident in the workplace, such as electric shock or an employee suddenly stops breathing.
現在、彼女は監督者の職、つまり火災が起 こった場合に責任者として行動すること、および電機ショックなど職場で事故が起こる場合、または従 業員の呼吸が突然止まる場合に、応急処置や蘇生に関し経験から得た知識を有することも必要となる職 務への応募に関心がある。
From the 3rd Quarter
[...] onward, cargo movements were sluggish affected by a sharp decrease in the demand for resources mainly from newly emerging countries due to worldwide recession, and market rate suddenly changed and dived into the record low zone.
第 3 四半期以降は世界規模の景気後退によって、 新興国を中心に資源需要が急速に減少した影響から荷動きが低迷し、市況は一転して歴史的安値圏まで急落しま した。