Let’s Talk Carpeting

When I was a little boy, I remember going to the carpeting store. It seemed like a warehouse which stretched in length. Aisles and aisles were filled with carpeting. Some aisles have carpets rolled up like a fruit roll-up, nestled horizontally on the floor. Other aisles had the carpeting hung vertically, still rolled up. I haven’t been in a carpeting store since I was a child.

Sure, one can find carpeting at the “big box” stores like Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Menards. But there is a reason there doesn’t seem to be many carpeting stores anymore. Carpets just aren’t in style like they were generations ago.

Now, saying this doesn’t mean that all carpeting is to be banned from all homes. I even have to carpet still in my bedroom. However, trends show that carpeting, at least in rooms such as the living room, isn’t as popular as in times past. There might be a few reasons for this.

Let's Talk Carpeting

I believe the main reason is that carpets are harder to clean than solid floors. Carpet cleaner companies are in business to go to homes and clean rugs. Have you ever heard of a hard floor cleaning company? Perhaps there are those that do some type of once in every 15 years type of facelift. But hard surfaces are very easy to clean. All the homeowner needs to a broom and a type of mop if they want to give it a really good clean, read more about cleaning floors by clicking here. Yes, vacuums are still used on hard floors, just as they are used to clean carpeting.

Next week, we’ll delve into some other reasons carpeting seems to be going out of style. Will carpeting ever make a comeback? I’m sure that it will. But for now, the trends are moving to hard flooring such as wood, laminate, or another surface.