Office Flooring Options

If you’re like me, you love carpeting in the office. People don’t often think about what type of flooring they prefer at work. But it makes a huge difference during one season of the year: winter.

This is common sense to anyone living in the upper-half of the country. What’s the big deal? Snow! Ice! Water! These are mostly absorbed by the carpeting. This comes handy when people might otherwise slip and fall down.

Let’s think about what might happen if the flooring was laminate. First of all, laminate is a slippery surface when wet. Most hard flooring because slippery when wet, except for maybe stone flooring. Right now, there is a very large storm happening on the East Coast. Cities like Seattle, Chicago, and New York are getting pounded by snow. What happens when everybody comes into work? They bring in the snow and slush inside the building. It sticks on the bottom of their shoes. While they walk, it falls off at many different points on their way to their destination.

Office Flooring Options

This represents a major hazard. People can slip and fall. They might get injured. No company wants one of their employees to get injuries in their workspace. This is because the injured employee can sue the company for negligence. And the injured person won’t get a small amount. They will probably get rewarded a whole lot more. I’m not talking a few thousands of dollars. Injured people have been awards hundreds of thousands of dollars in the past!

This might be one of the reasons why companies have installed carpeting in their offices. This can help protect them against any types of office injuries. Also, I prefer carpet for the same reason. I don’t want to slip and fall! If you don’t want to walk on carpeting, another option is epoxy flooring. It is anti slip and can be extremely durable. There are some experts at this type of flooring for industrial offices, warehouses and garages. For examples check out Epoxy Floor Company Clearwater.